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your software and labels have saved our eBay business 100s of hours work..


Just wanted to make contact to say a BIG thank you. The samples arrived very quickly, I have tried the software and created a professional looking invoice. Due to this I have placed my first order with you. Keep up the first class work and service, the UK needs more companies like yours. I will be sure to recommend your products to people I know.


We now have it setup and working on Magento without any issues. It’s actually working really well, and this is probably something we’ll be able to recommend to more of our Magento clients.


this paper saves us time and dymolabel trouble


thank you, my paper arrived first thing this morning- difficult to find faster service than that!


Can I say a HUGE thank you ... With the amount of orders we have had this last couple of weeks If I had to go back to the old way of entering all invoices manually into our accounts system and then folding all the invoices into Doc. enclosed envelopes - I think I would not have got any sleep at all!


Amazing product, fantastic customer service. Could not ask for more. Thanks guys!


Your staff are so helpful and I will be returning to this site as well as recommending you to all shopify customers. Thankyou!


We've been using Integrated Labels for around 4 years now, and they have been a huge success, cutting the time it takes to pack orders and saving us money. Also adds a professional look to all our parcels. Brilliant!


I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service and value for money. Having had a really terrible week last week; being let down on several deliveries, it has been a joy to have something arrive swiftly and to have received such wonderful communication throughout the transaction.


Fantastic Site and service


This really speeds up eBay order processing


Thanks for providing great software with our paper. It's nice to deal with a company that understands and writes internet software.


Thank you for your excellent service - it was nice to get called back!


Thanks for your speedy delivery and fast reply.


Thanks the paper arrived promptly this morning. Excellent speed as ever.


Thanks for all your help, I didn't expect such excellent customer service, thanks

Paul T

I have to say though, I wish I'd tried the label paper earlier! I bet everyone says that LOL It cuts out the "copy and paste delivery address, from order summary, into label printer program" bit that I was doing with every order! I'll be back :-)


Just like to say thanks for the great service and speedy delivery of my labels. They make life so much easier, I don't know why I waited so long before buying them.


Many thanks for another great web experience. Paper arrived today first thing. It's so rare to come across other businesses who have similar high standards to ours - I fear we might have to raise our game still further :-)


Thanks again for your excellent service... We've been using your company for almost 5 years and always had excellent customer service.


Just a quick note to say that using your label paper is fab. We like being efficient and this paper is key. ... Keep up the good work. Great service.


Thanks for the very pleasant and professional help...It is so nice to deal with real people.


We are one of the largest camera accessory suppliers and use large numbers of integrated labels. ... We have tried all the available suppliers and our packaging department says that your labels perform the best in both the printing and boxing up areas.

Jon H

We now sell on Ebay, Amazon and Playtrade and it's great that we can use the same integrated label paper without having to change the printer paper.


We were unhappy with our previous supplier. ... At last we have found a company that is reliable, efficient, friendly and courteous.


Just wanted to say that you have an excellent product, website and service.


I have got to put in writing how absolutely delighted we are after using your Double Adhesive labels. We have saved so much time in order processing, that two people can process invoice and pack up to 60 orders per hour!. We have even re-designed our Sage paperwork to use the Invoice labels now and our Stores staff won’t use any other method

John P

Your Ebay software (and paper) gives our invoices a more professional look. We can make the invoice look however we want.


I've now had both (companies') labels and used them a fair bit.

Your labels are much better. I'm not just saying that they really are. There are several reasons which I'll list

* The box of the other labels is hard to open and difficult to get the labels out quickly
* The general paper quality isn't as good as yours - just doesn't feel good
* The label is harder to remove from the other A4 sheet
* It's not so easy to see which side is which - paper quality again I guess

I'm no expert but I've put the other company's box away and won't use it except for emergencies.


My order arrived first thing this morning! Thanks for an amazing service. I placed the order less than 24 hours ago!


Thank you. Arrived today. Normal excellent service.

Chris W

Quality product with quick delivery from previous order of trial pack of paper


Excellent - thank very much . Very impressed with services.


Just wanted to say thanks for the invoice labels...Massive time saver,


incredible service...thank you


Superb Service!


... good service and happy with quality of paper


Many thanks for your normal excellent service. Labels have just arrived.

Chris R

... used before v happy

Paul E

The labels are great and save so much time. I have recommended your company to lots of my colleagues. Once again, many thanks


Thank you for your speedy delivery. Hope to do business with you in the future

John I

Thank you for your speedy delivery


good product - great service


Excellent service. I didn't expect it to arrive so quickly


great service

Ms C

Your support is brilliant and the new integrated labels are proving to be a great asset to productivity especially with the forthcoming Valentines Day


Superb Service

Mr W

perfect for my quickbooks sales receipts

Andrew J

(Same paper) Integrates with Actinic and eBay

Ian D

Thanks for your excellent customer service

Paul, N

My labels arrived on Friday safe & sound. I would like to thank you for an excellent service once again


Great product 1st class customer service

Mr May

I love labels

Steve Y

good service, support & fast delivery

Mike J

your service is impeccable


great people...

Mr M

You're great

Mr C

good product, fast delivery

Mr M G

its all about the people


Convenient Time Saving Product


Tried the "trial" pack, it works great!

Chris E

We need a fast and efficent labeling combined with invoice for our fast growing online-store


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