Adding the Integrated Label Invoice to Invoice to QuickBooks Basic, Pro and Premier

Note: The reports are not suitable for Quickbooks SimpleStart

Works with
Quickbooks Basic , Pro and Premier (up to and including 2014)
Please contact us if your version of the software is not supported

You can improve your order and invoice processing by using an invoice with a removable address label to attach to the customer's envelope or parcel.

The installation provides 4 new invoices. These are designed to work with the Integrated Label paper from .
The new invoices are based on the standard ones supplied with QuickBooks. Examples of the new invoices are shown below:

Product Invoice (1 label with shipping address on label)

Product Invoice (2 labels with shipping and invoice addresses on labels)

Service Invoice (1 label with invoice address on label) Professional Invoice (1 label with invoice address on label)


Installing the new Invoices into QuickBooks
After installing the software the templates must be imported into QuickBooks. To do this use the following steps:

1 Start QuickBooks
2 Under the Lists menu select the Templates menu option.

At the bottom left of the Templates window click on the Templates button and select the Import... menu option.


Navigate to the installation directory (for example, C:\IntegratedLabels\QuickBooks). Select each template and press the Open button.


After confirming each template you should now have 4 additional invoices shown.


These can be selected when printing an invoice.


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