Printing a removable customer address label from Woo Commerce

With the invoice software for Woo Commerce you can include the customer's invoice and delivery address on a peel off label on the invoice or packing slip to stick to your parcels or letter

Because the label is on the same document that you pick and pack from, it improves the efficiency of your packing process and saves you time. There is also less chance of the wrong goods being sent to the customer. There are no new Woo Commerce procedures to learn as you print your invoice or packing slip in the same way that you currently do, shown below:

Installing the new invoice and packing slip

To use our Integrated Label paper (IL1, IL2 or IL2P) with Word Press/Woocommerce using 'Woocommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips' Plugin you should follow the steps below.

NOTE : Assuming you have the 'Woocommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips' plugin installed.

1 Save a copy of the exsisting invoice.php and packing-slip.php document somewhere safe (e.g. copy the file to a different folder and rename it to Invoice.old and packing-slip.php.old). You will find this document in the following directory on you webserver:


2 Replace the invoice.php and packing-slip.php file with the file installed onto your PC as part of the installation.

NOTE : If you update your plugin you will need to repeat the steps set out above.

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