Printing a removable customer address label from OpenCart

With the invoice software for OpenCart you can include an additional peel off label (or labels) with your customer addresses on to stick to your parcels or letters. Because the label is on the same document that you pick and pack from it improves the efficiency of your packing process and saves you time.
Works with
1.3.4,,,,, 1.5,,,, 1.5.6,,, 2.0,, 2.0.2,,, 3.0,
Please contact us if your version of the software is not supported

There is also less chance of the wrong goods being sent to the customer. There are no new OpenCart procedures to learn as you print your invoice in the same way that you currently do, shown below:

Invoices are provided for single and double label paper. If you are using double perforated paper you can tear off the top addresses section.

Examples of all the Invoices available are shown below:

Invoice with delivery address at top right on single label paper

Invoice with delivery address at right right and invoice address at top left on double label paper. If using double perforated paper the top section can be removed.

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